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Google Calendars on the Web

Displaying Google Calendar events on the web, with this simple diary banner for your site.

01 Sep 2018Google, Coding, Javascript

Protecting Data with Google Drive

How to best protect and secure confidential data using Google Drive and Google Apps / G-Suite

14 Aug 2018Education, Google, Storage

Dealing with confidential information in schools

Using a simple traffic light system for categorising types of information commonly found in schools and the classroom.

24 Jul 2018Education, Google, Storage

Fundamentals of Web Filtering & Logging

With ever more intrusive, and ever more expensive, web filtering options available - here is a fundamental review of the technology to help you decide what approach suits you best!

02 Jul 2018Education, Network

Logging the IP Address of your Raspberry PI to a Google Sheet

How to get your Raspberry PI to log it’s assigned IP Address to a Google Sheet every time it boots up!

16 Jan 2018Network, Coding, Javascript

Analysing Data with Custom Conditional Formatting

How to use conditional formatting to visually analyse data, including non-numeric data such as grades, levels and categories.

28 Nov 2017Sheet, Google, Training, Education, Markbook, Example

Caveats when deleting G-Suite Accounts

If you are using Google Sheets or Google Apps Script in your domain, here are a few caveats you need to be aware of when deleting a G-Suite User Account.

25 Sep 2017Google, Sheet