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Denormalise & join tabular data into simple rows

Like a database query join, how to denormalise tabular data to create expanded rows, ideal for mail-merges and data imports.

01 Jul 2019Google, Sheet

Clean Browser Cookies at Mac OS X log off

How to use a logoff script to clear authenticated web sessions on a Mac

03 Sep 2018Google, Tool

Analysing Event Feedback with Forms & Sheets

Dynamically and professionally handle your event feedback, gathered with a google form, analysed with sheets.

17 Feb 2018Sheet, Google, Example



Google Calendars on the Web

Displaying Google Calendar events on the web, with this simple diary banner for your site.

01 Sep 2018Google, Coding, Javascript

Protecting Data with Google Drive

How to best protect and secure confidential data using Google Drive and Google Apps / G-Suite

14 Aug 2018Education, Google, Storage

Dealing with confidential information in schools

Using a simple traffic light system for categorising types of information commonly found in schools and the classroom.

24 Jul 2018Education, Google, Storage


Spreadsheet Functions

How to concatenate columns in a query

How to concatenate columns in a query and return the results.

05 Jul 2018Google, Sheet

Format values based on whether they appear in another column

How to use conditional formatting to highlight cells that appear in another list.

05 Jul 2018Google, Sheet

Filtering data quickly and easily using the QUERY Function

How to create simple ‘drop-down’ filters in sheets to easily and quickly filter an imported range of data rows.

27 Nov 2017Google, Sheet


Running a Basic Helpdesk with Google Sheets

Create a simple helpdesk and request ticketing solution with just forms and sheets.

02 Jan 2018Sheet, Google, Example

Simple Bulk Emailing from Google Sheets

Send better looking emails to a bulk set of email addresses, straight from Google Sheets.

14 Dec 2017Google, Sheet, Coding, Javascript

Showing Menus in Container-Bound Google App Scripts

How to show menus and sidebars configuration to write more flexible App Scripts.

13 Oct 2017Google, Sheet, Javascript


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