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Analysing Event Feedback with Forms & Sheets

Dynamically and professionally handle your event feedback, gathered with a google form, analysed with sheets.

17 Feb 2018Sheet, Google, Example

Monitoring Data with Google Sheets

Easily monitor data collected weekly, with formatting to highlight missing & notable values.

16 Feb 2018Sheet, Google, Example

Using Grades in Google Sheets

Using grades in a spreadsheet doesn’t have be difficult, here is how to do it elegantly.

15 Sep 2017Sheet, Education, Google, Markbook, Training

Sparklines with Google Sheets

Simple, quick and useful. Sparklines let you visualise your spreadsheet data as small graphs, inside a single cell.

11 Jun 2017Sheet, Google, Training

Markbooks with Google Sheets

A start of term chore, but also an opportunity to brush up on your spreadsheet & data-handling skills to make the rest of the year easier and more productive!

30 Aug 2016Sheet, Education, Google, Markbook

Columns by header name

Columns can move, and when using complex formulas (such as importrange), this can lead to problems. Here is how to address a column by its header value, rather than it’s position.  Read More …

Mac Log Off Clearing Script

How to use a logoff script to clear authenticated web sessions on a Mac  Read More …

Proxies and your Chromebook

If you are using a Chromebook in a school environment, you may need to make a few small adjustments to your network settings to successfully connect via a proxy server.  Read More …

Creating expanded rows from data

Like a database query join, how to denormalise tabular data to create expanded rows, ideal for mail-merges and data imports.  Read More …

Finding Duplicates

How to identify duplicate values or rows in Google Sheets.  Read More …

Find from a list

How to use the FIND function with an array of values to search for individual characters or words.  Read More …

Aggregating data

How to aggregate data from different rows and columns for further processing.  Read More …

Identifying dissimilar duplicates

How to identify duplicate rows in a sheet that have dissimilar values, such as multiple grades for the same student in the same subject from different teachers.  Read More …

Making column headers from values

How to transpose values to become headers, adding extra blank columns in between the values as well.  Read More …

Query using dates

Use the QUERY function to return results before, on or after a certain or relative, date.  Read More …